Louisville, KY 40207-3422 August 17, 1996 502-425-2210, OSBORNE, REVEREND ROBERT E.* Louisville, KY 40245-7440 He said: "Commitment to entering into dialogue with our current situation demands that the Christian community be present as a witness to the Gospel, capable of responding to questions and challenges without fear or rigidity. Also Judicial Vicar and Director of the Metropolitan Tribunal, BELL, REVEREND GERALD L.* Add my name and email address to the LSN mailing list. The Archdiocese of Glasgow (Latin: Archidioecesis Glasguensis) is the metropolitan see of the Province of Glasgow in the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland. 4720 Southern Parkway August 23, 2008 Louisville, KY 40222-6317 4604 Heritage Manner June 11, 1983 Saint Vincent de Paul Archbishop Conti also led the drive to recruit permanent deacons instead of priests. Saint Brigid, Vine Grove and Saint John the Baptist, Rineyville, SEARS, DEAN W. (Susan) * Saint John the Apostle, Brandenburg HERNNDEZ, REVEREND PABLO A. August 25, 2012 6255 Midway Road 181 Barricks Road Louisville, KY 40216-1412 (502) 387-7592 Elizabethtown, KY 42701-2734 212 Mt. Louisville, KY 40214-1425 (502) 254-9928 September 6, 2008 What would be the best use of resources of buildings and priests in each local area? The lifespan of the Deanery Councils is however more than six weeks. And we are told that when the disciple steps inside the tomb he sees and he believes. 307 Oakwood Circle And he believes. 502-774-5772 4500 Greenwood Avenue Today, in Saint Andrews cathedral in Glasgow, Monsignor Paul Canon Conroy and Canons Andrew McKenzie and Anthony Gallagher were publicly installed as canons. 5371 Robbins Way 502-416-9576, MURPHY, REVEREND J. SCOTT August 21, 1976 May 29, 2010 August 23, 2008 May 25, 1974 Also Vicar for Senior Priests, BOWLING, REVEREND WILLIAM M. Saint Thomas Church 3570 Vigo Road 502-387-8043 Its time to face facts. Saint Bernadette, Prospect, SHUMWAY, MICHAEL M. (Charlotte) August 25, 2012 Rome, Italy 00187, RYAN, REVEREND DONALD L.* May 28, 2016 Louisville, KY 40214-4373 May 24, 1975 Saint Patrick and Executive Director, Mass of the Air, RYAN, MICHAEL A. I am grateful to Fr Mark Morris for the care he has shown over the years to those celebrating the Latin Mass in Immaculate Heart of Mary. (502) 724-9671 (502) 964-6966 Louisville, KY 40205-1854 So, the Archbishop, presumably stuck for a suitable replacement within the geographical confines of the Archdiocese has, literally, turned to Rome for help; I mean, think about it; his Vicar General, subject of our front page report in Januaryis hardly going about the place cutting the mustard, is he? Saint Margaret Mary December 11, 2004 Church of the Ascension There have been many rumours regarding the Monsignor for several years and none of them relate to a boyfriend! 2914 S. Third Street Louisville, KY 40214-3556 Update The Archbishop of Glasgow, the Most Reverend Philip Tartaglia, died suddenly at his home in the city on 13 January last year - the Feast of St Mungo, the Patron Saint of Glasgow. May 20, 1967 (502) 447-3911 Brandenburg, KY 40108-7700 Louisville, KY 40217-1765 Louisville, KY 40223-1369 (502) 955-1460 Saint Bernard Church Louisville, KY 40242-7646 August 7, 1993 2911 South Fourth Street Louisville, KY 40205-1424 dePaul, New Hope, GRANT, JR., JOHN A. Bardstown, KY 40004-1052 Saint Aloysius, Pewee Valley, OLRICH, JAMES C.^* (Bev) 4402 Dove Park Boulevard Our Lady of Lourdes Church 9208 Newbury Court Tragic! (502) 245-9747 Holy Name, Louisville [citation needed] It is one of two Latin Church metropolitan archdioceses of the Roman Catholic Church: the only archdioceses in Scotland. August 25, 2012 So, the Archbishop, presumably stuck for a suitable replacement within the geographical confines of the Archdiocese has, literally, turned to Rome for help; I mean, think about it; his Vicar General, subject of our front page report in Januaryis hardly going about the place cutting the mustard, is he? 307 West Dixie Avenue Mark Morris' thriving traditional Mass, attended by hundreds, has been ordered to end this weekend. Springfield, KY 40069-1355 June 2, 1990 August 20, 2016 Even those of us who are committed need to be continually re-evangelised to stay committed. To train clergy, Eyre founded St Peter's College at Partickhill in 1874, and also encouraged the opening at Dowanhill in 1894 of Notre Dame teacher-training college. LifeSite also highlighted Nolans recent pastoral letter on evangelization, in which he wrote how the Archdioceses resources must be determined by how they can best serve the mission Christ has given the Church.. Saint James, Elizabethtown Louisville, KY 40205-2823 MAY, DENNIS A. In 2018, he was removed from his position as chaplain after holding a rosary of reparation in his church in response to a Pride Glasgow event. The hapless Monsignor is yet to realise that the more worldly the Church becomes, the more the world will reject her. Louisville, KY 40219-1318 Saint James, Elizabethtown 1541 Sylvan Way 502-968-5421, LINCOLN, REVEREND DANIEL L.* (502) 494-5700 Somewhere between 1175 and 1178 this position was strengthened even further when Bishop Jocelin obtained for the episcopal settlement the status of burgh from King William I of Scotland, allowing the settlement to expand with the benefits of trading monopolies and other legal guarantees. May 27, 1972 May 24, 1986 115 Windsor Avenue 2385 Kelly Shop Road Springfield, KY 40069-1120 In 2019, Cardinal Burke, visiting the church for a second time, was received by a congregation numbered in its hundreds, marked particularly by many young families. All Saints, Taylorsville, and Saint Michael, Its only initiatives have been nonsense like ecumenism and window dressing like the (disappointing) Cathedral refurbishment. parish, isnt it? August 28, 1993 Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931-4006 (Holly) I certainly think the Archdiocese needs to seriously consider its direction. (Cheryl) 501 Cherrywood Road Meanwhile, Pope Francis restrictions on the traditional Mass continue unabated. May 22, 1982 PO Box 548 Administrator Pro-tempore: Good Shepherd, Columbia, Holy Redeemer, Greensburg, and Holy Spirit, Jamestown, DOMHOFF, REVEREND RONALD J. "f we grow distant from one another, or divided, if we become hardened in our ways of thinking and our different groups, then we will not bear fruit May we overcome our human divisions and work together in the vineyard of the Lord! May 28, 1977 WALSH, RICHARD J.^* (Judy) Bardstown, KY 40004-2517 Photo and text below is taken from the website of the Archdiocese of Glasgow click here for source. This will be a personal tragedy for myself and for about 200 of my fellow parishioners who regularly attend the Latin Mass at this parish, he continued. Saint Brigid Church He had that reputation when he arrived in 2009, and his first stated priority was to fill the Seminary. Louisville, KY 40299-5186 3001 DIEMER, DARRYL J. I would add that they are both ecumaniacs and both hate the old Mass. 13205 Stepping Stone Way 2924 Lexham Road 270-877-2461 Mark Morris offering Mass in his parish. May 26, 2012 4125 Browns Lane, #216 May 17, 1994 Traditionis Custodes also asks that a priest be appointed to have pastoral care of those with a devotion to the pre-Vatican II Mass. (502) 533-8369 I can almost imagine the bile rising in his throat, as he thanks ++Tartaglia for this great honour. Louisville, KY 40272-2825 That is when we will see the revival of the faith in Glasgow, for sure. May 28, 2011 (502) 899-9182 3 And of. Bellarmine University Bishop William Nolan, the Bishop of Galloway, shares the Pope's focus on concerns for social justice. It was headed by a vicar apostolic, who was a consecrated bishop and who held a titular see. Crofterlady, yes, Tradition is nowhere to be found, except, as far as I know, in the old indult Mass at one of the older Italian parishes, that still creaks along. 270-384-4528 Bishop Nolan said he looked forward to the "challenges that lie ahead" after the "initial shock" of the appointment. But dont tell Pope Francis, hell find some lame excuse to chop off our Archbishops head and replace him with a liberal thug. Msgr. Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Anthonys Operation Underway Pray! 508 Breckenridge Lane 502-244-6083, SPALDING, REVEREND LEON C.* 2804 Wareham Road Tartaglias case, it appears that retreat should be thought of as a verb. (270) 668-6923 Louisville, KY 40220-2820 It's time to face facts. Holy Spirit, Louisville, CALVERT, JOSEPH D. (Berta) Saint Theresa, Rhodelia, and Saint Mary 115 Deer Grove Court 502-585-3291, BARNELL, REVEREND ROBERT D. Louisville, KY 40245-4550 (502) 594-7931 GLASGOW, Scotland (LifeSiteNews) A parish with a thriving traditional Latin Mass community in the city of Glasgow, Scotland has been ordered to cancel all of its public Masses almost immediately, becoming the latest victim of Pope Francis attack on the traditional liturgy. 11540 Mount Eden Road 3910 Rock Bay Drive Pope Francis has appointed a new Archbishop of Glasgow following the death of Archbishop Philip Tartaglia. It is with sadness and regret that we advise of the death of Fr George Donaldson, a retired priest of the Diocese, in Summerlee House in Coatbridge. Archdiocesan Clergy (Priests and Deacons) ARCHBISHOP OF LOUISVILLE FABRE, MOST REVEREND SHELTON J. August 5, 1989 Office of the Archbishop 3940 Poplar Level Road Louisville, KY 40213-1463 502-585-3291 ARCHBISHOP EMERITUS KURTZ, D.D, MOST REVEREND JOSEPH E. March 18, 1972 3940 Poplar Level Road Louisville, KY 40213-1463 502-585-3291 Only priests listed under diocesan clergy may serve as agents . Archbishop Tartaglia had been self-isolating at home after contracting coronavirus. MARKERT, C. ROBERT^* (Patsy) Archbishop Nolan said: We have to ask ourselves, what is Jesus asking of us here and now? and the answer is found in his last words spoken on this earth go out to the world and spread the good news. The Roman Catholic Church in Scotland has no non-metropolitan archdioceses i.e. August 20, 2016 (502) 429-8615 MCNALLY, THOMAS M.^ (Marysue) (Laurie) (502) 817-6046 Explore in 3D: The dazzling crown that makes a king. Immaculate Conception, LaGrange All Rights Reserved. (502) 827-3650 502-345-6441, HEMMERLE, REVEREND R. JOSEPH* Hes probably glad to have a local orthodox archbishop, just as we are to have Bishop Davies. 859-336-3569, FERNANDEZ, REVEREND L. WILFREDO BAKER, EARL (Ellen) Box 531 (270) 737-1327 December 15, 1973 Its just too terrible to think that after decades of this sham of Modernist Catholicism that there is no longer sufficient faith in many priests and laity for them to see the poison that eats away at the precious gift we have been given by God, the Faith handed down unsullied from St. Peter to that fateful Council. (502) 451-2220 Box 74 God have mercy on these bad shepherds who have so misled their flocks. (Gloria) 502-645-8790, FOWLER, REVEREND JOSEPH M.* We welcome contributions gladly and are particularly keen on promoting material from schools as we continue to develop our service to the community. READ: Hundreds warmly welcome Cardinal Burke during visit to Glasgow. Also at Saint Benedict, Lebanon Junction, KY, LEGER, REVEREND JEFFREY P. May 27, 2006 Priests of the Archdiocese in the Order of Ordination 29 Priests and Deacons: Alphabetical Necrology 36 Priests and Deacons: Chronological Necrology by Month, Day and Year . Louisville, KY 40229-3470 In 1827, the Holy See erected the Vicariate Apostolic of the Western District of Scotland. (502) 693-9165 Archbishop Philip Tartaglia died after testing positive for coronavirus in 2021 after nine years as leader of Scotland's largest Catholic community. Stephen Hannah Mgr. * Saint Francis of Assisi Church The 68-year-old bishop is from Lanarkshire, where he was educated before receiving his religious training in Aberdeenshire and Rome. The demands of parish and pastoral life are numerous, yet vocations are declining and fewer priests are available. Louisville, KY 40291-5036 May 31, 1980 I suppose our Archbishop would fall under the conservative Novus Ordo category. Most populous nation: Should India rejoice or panic? December 17, 1966 Immaculate Heart of Mary Church 750 Robert Edwards Road SMITH, STEPHEN J.^* (Jan) I even found this book in one of the pews: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000HWQFKU/_encoding=UTF8?coliid=I3BW78ZJ975CT7&colid=11E4XSY4L8HWT. Instead of the prolific number of Masses available at IHOM, St. Brigids church would be limited to one traditional Mass per week, Nolan wrote. RENDON, PETER Pete (Carmen) Saint Ignatius Martyr I suppose with a very young family to care for I should still make the time to read the blog verse and chapter. Has he really never heard the old saying that charity begins at home?, I would say poor Philadelphia but it might sound a bit er cheesy . * (270) 358-9900 502-969-4579 August 27, 2011 All Saints, Taylorsville and Saint Michael, Fairfield, FELLONNEAU, JOHN M. (Kelly) Saint Bernadette Church Our Mother of Sorrows, Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, and Saint Therese August 21, 2010 From the priest in white vestments at funerals preaching the heresy of universal salvation to the blue-rinse busybody placing the Most Blessed Sacrament into the hands of standing communicants, to the altar girls with pony tails in Ku Klux gowns, the entire Modernist Catholic religion screams superficiality. Until 1560, when practice of the Roman Catholic Faith was suppressed by act of the Parliament of Scotland nearly all the bishops of Glasgow took an active share in the government of the country, whether as chancellors or treasurers of the kingdom or as members of regency during the minority of a sovereign. "More generally, we need an ecclesial reflection a synodal reflection, involving everyone on how to update pastoral life without being satisfied with merely repeating formulas from the past and without being afraid to reconfigure local parishes, making evangelization a priority and encouraging active cooperation between priests, catechists, pastoral workers, and teachers. August 23, 2008 Sometime between 1189 and 1195 this status was supplemented by an annual fair, which survives to this day as the Glasgow Fair. August 23, 2008 The Archbishop of Glasgow, the Most Reverend Philip Tartaglia, died suddenly at his home in the city on 13 January last year - the Feast of St Mungo, the Patron Saint of Glasgow. Phone: +44 (0)141 226 5898 Louisville, KY 40206-1449 (270) 404-1986 5913 Mount Everest Drive (Wanda) 502-477-6676 Fr. c/o Diaconate Office 13513 Kinross Boulevard 2802 Ash Avenue Shelbyville, KY 40065-7314 Louisville, KY 40245-6501 Prospect, KY 40059-6543 310 Ash Avenue August 28, 1999 New Hope, KY 40052-0058 (502) 314-7120 August 29, 2020 June 30, 2017. (502) 348-6329 Louisville, KY 40219-4136 Louisville, KY 40291-3686 June 5, 1999 So consistent and sizable has been the growth of the traditional community at the church that it has been host to a number of prominent Catholic prelates, with Bishop Athanasius Schneider and Cardinal Raymond Burke both separately visiting the church and offering Mass there. Archbishop announces new clergy appointments. It is with sadness and regret that we advise of the death of Fr George Donaldson, a retired priest of the Diocese, in Summerlee House in Coatbridge. May 24, 1997 1271 Parkway Gardens Court #106 2301 Newmarket Drive LifeSite understands from discussions with its own sources that a document set to further restrict the traditional Mass in some manner does indeed exist. (502) 724-1196 second in command only to the archbishop, who made the headlines in our January newsletter, due to the appearance of scandal caused by his domestic situation, live-in divorced housekeeper, overnight stays of housekeepers daughter, boyfriend and baby etc etc. 502-425-3940, HARRIS, REVEREND J. JASON August 20, 1977 Taylorsville, KY 40071-9058 LUCKETT, THEODORE C. Ted^ (Melinda) 1520 Hepburn Avenue DEVER, ROBERT G.^* (Bonnie) August 17, 1996 Mailing Address: Curial Offices, 196 Clyde Street, Glasgow G1 4JY, Scotland, Great Britain Telephone: (0141)226.5898 Fax: 225.2600 Historical Details Vicariate Apostolic of Western District Erected: 13 February1827 Vicariate Country: Scotland Region: Great Britain 4405 Estate Drive [3], Before 1795 the majority of the Catholics in Glasgow were from the Highlands. October 14, 2000 May 27, 1972 (502) 649-2819 (Please text) May 29, 2010 Saint Michael, Louisville, KING, SAMUEL J. CARNEY, E. PERRY^* (Betty) 14420 Willow Grove Circle c/o Saint Benedict Church Chaplain, GIULITTO, DEAN R. (May) In a way its even more tragic that the only modicum of comfort Catholics can hope to get from hearing that a priest is abandoning his vocation is that he is not doing so for a boyfriend! c/o Diaconate Office Fairfield 3940 Poplar Level Road He had been self-isolating after testing positive for Covid shortly after Christmas. NOLTEMEYER, PHILLIP L. (Alice) (502) 348-6692, WARREN, BRUCE J. Box 247 Holy Trinity Church August 21, 2010 Saint Martin of Tours Church 914 Old Harrods Creek Road 303 Merriman Road May 26, 1973 203 Declaration Drive Louisville, KY 40299-8346 My goodness RCA Victor, WHERE do you live???? A priest from their native area joined them in 1792. Lanarkshire, which became Motherwell diocese in 194748, had seventeen parishes and twenty-two priests, while Renfrewshire, which became Paisley diocese in 194748, had eleven parishes and sixteen priests. (502) 239-7464 Time to plan for a new and better future . 5160 Bradfordsville Road (502) 637-2988 From the accumulated testimony of the various sources, there seems to be increasingly little doubt that a document restricting the traditional Mass does exist in some form within the Vatican. Imagine what would happen if that were corrected, and Tradition fully embraced! Louisville, KY 40223-2541 (502) 937-7578 1000 North Beckley Station Road Also at Saint Boniface, Vicar for Priests, and Director of the Priest Personnel Office December 12, 2009 314 East Main Street "I offer him a warm welcome to the Archdiocese of Glasgow and a promise of prayers on behalf of all the clergy, religious and laity," he said. It was organized by King David I of Scotland and John the Chaplain, Bishop of Glasgow. Louisville, KY 40206-2012 9023 Black Powder Lane (502) 930-2039 The most superficial, ignorant and poorly instructed lay people in all history. We also have a gaggle of Feeneyites down the road from our Society chapel. Saint John Paul II 502-583-7401, FLYNN, REVEREND JAMES E.* I didnt even grow up in the faith, and it makes me bitter! Louisville, KY 40220-1565 Louisville, KY 40211-2633 (502) 507-7800 What he sees is an empty tomb. Click here to read one of our previous discussions on the topic of the Archdiocese of Glasgow R.I.P. SMITH, DAVID U. Louisville, KY 40219-3930 Louisville, KY 40202-1657 Saint Boniface, TRIBBEY, O.F.S., WILLIAM P. (Martha) Louisville, KY 40217-1282 Maguire supported the War effort of 191418. Also at Holy Rosary, Manton (270) 774-7472 Get the nation on track to achieve and surpass Scotlands climate change targets, 4. This means that from 1st May 2023 the 1962 Latin Mass will no longer be celebrated in Immaculate Heart of Mary, Balornock. Louisville, KY 40214-4637 (502) 896-1915 9107 Felsmere Circle March 26, 1955 Soon there will be a ninth. 515 Broadway Not sure how he did it, but he certainly did! August 25, 2012 And this edition of our newsletter features both, To say that the above archbishops ruined the Archdiocese of Glasgow, is something of an understatement. Also at Saint Luke and Vicar for Hispanic Ministry, VU, REVEREND MINH D. (502) 345-9242 The arrival of the Irish necessitated Rev Andrew Scott, the sole Priest in Glasgow to begin the erection of the Catholic Cathedral in Clyde St in 1814 'for his vast Irish flock'. In what way did those archbishops ruin the Archdiocese of Glasgow? Louisville, KY 40223-5588 I dont think so. Louisville, KY 40217-1744 2120 Payne Street #329 1172 Leslie Place 116 Shouse Court 502-331-3088, COCKSON, REVEREND DAVID A. 714 Honeysuckle Drive 4230 Alton Road I can see why you picked that particular avatar, LOL! Upcoming Events No events August 26, 2006 Louisville, KY 40228-3411 May 18, 1968 He has a reputation for being a sound priest which is becoming something of the norm among the younger, more recently ordained clergy, thanks be to God. 502-241-8452, STUEMPEL, REVEREND ROBERT L.* (502) 655-7768 Summer Shade, KY 42166-9045 August 20, 2016 Louisville, KY 40206-2012 Saint Rita Church Upon Conti's resignation in July 2012, having passed the required age of 75, Pope Benedict XVI appointed Philip Tartaglia, the Bishop of Paisley, to succeed him. Saint Athanasius Church Time to work together. On 9 January 1492, Pope Innocent VIII raised the see to metropolitan rank, attaching to it the suffragan dioceses of Argyle, Dunblane, Dunkeld, and Galloway. 502-244-6083 the Hills, Finley May 30, 2015 August 28, 1999 Brandenburg, KY 40108-9684 101 Rome Boulevard, Lot 205 1424 Audubon Parkway Louisville, KY 40228-1454 Stephen P. (2016) Pastor, Sacred Heart/Holy Angels Avenue, MD Phone: 301) 769-3332 Archdiocesan Priests 18 1954 Rev. Elizabethtown, KY 42701-6466 SINCE being restored as an archdiocese by Pope Leo XIII in 1878, only eight men have served as the Archbishop of Glasgow. Louisville, KY 40204-1522 Home / Directories / Clergy / Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. Boback Jr, V. Rev. Louisville, KY 40219-4413 Cathedral of the Assumption Saints Simon and Jude Church MASTERSON, DONALD E.^* I say only up to a point. (502) 722-5026 Louisville, KY 40208-2302 Download the free Radio Alba app from iTunes. Louisville, KY 40217-1931 Saint Margaret Mary Church NITZKEN, SYLVESTER J.^ (Joan) 8015 Adams Run Road 12364 Spring Leaf Court 100 Lookout Drive Louisville, KY 40207-2720 Saint John Paul II Church 8203 Rock Wall Court (270) 932-3547 Saint Brigid Church Saint Ambrose Church Louisville, KY 40241-3421 Louisville, KY 40291-1029 Louisville, KY 40214-2829 Louisville, KY 40214-6030 May 25, 2019 Pastoral Center Fr Tony, originally from Hamilton, was a 'late vocation' when he was ordained in 1970 by Archbishop Scanlan in St Martin's, Castlemilk. Also at Saint Augustine and Christ the King, both in Louisville, RICE, REVEREND G. NICHOLAS* 2606 Evergreen Wynde (Removed from active ministry), HENRIKSEN, REVEREND STEVEN D. May 23, 1964 5100 Estero Boulevard August 21, 2010 1916 Eastview Avenue Louisville, KY 40214-3121 (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) Saint Edward Church 8709 Preston Highway Privacy Notice. 270-692-2245 Saint Aloysius Church 502-438-4339, KENNEY, REVEREND BRIAN A. August 20, 2016 Louisville, KY 40204-1618 Instead we hear of two disciples, Peter, and the beloved disciple who is traditionally seen as John, run to the tomb. Louisville, KY 40219-4660 2936 Conner Lane 374 N. Park Avenue Saint Michael, Louisville 6610 South Third Street Louisville, KY 40207-4124 502-314-3563, OVERTON, REVEREND TROY D. 4211 Jim Hawkins Drive August 21, 2010 And in addition to that, the Archdiocese was as meek as a lamb when the Scottish Government imposed gay marriage on the nation. Basilica of Saint Joseph Proto-Cathedral, The church is notable not just for offering the traditional Mass which has attracted attendees both young and old but for its all-encompassing approach to a Catholic life, ensuring that the community is developed through regular activities, both spiritual and secular. Grove City, OH 43123-5500, STANFORD, JAMES E.^ The former Dean of Students frequently offered the TLM, but he was promoted to the Nuncios office, and I havent heard of anyone of like mind come to the surface. (502) 477-6943 (270) 737-3591 downplayed the martyrdom of St John Ogilvie, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philadelphia_Experiment, Scotland: Bigotry Official Anti-Catholic Petition Heard in Holyrood. May 26, 2012 View the archive of speeches and letters. August 20, 2016 Also at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, PADGETT, REVEREND GARY T. Louisville, KY 40203-2600 (502) 829-9969 * 502-267-7494, NAYLOR, REVEREND DAVID W. Saint Mary Magdalen of Pazzi, Payneville, and Saint Theresa, Rhodelia Saint Gabriel Church HART, ROBERT J.^ (Kathy) 4112 Massie Avenue #2 Later the disciples are going to have the experience of encountering the Risen Jesus. 502-210-7620, SPRINGMAN, REVEREND DONALD W.* 502-291-0298, STOLTZ, REVEREND JOHN J. (270) 304-6802 May 27, 1978 On the Restoration of the Scottish hierarchy by Pope Leo XIII, 4 March 1878, the district was divided into the archdiocese of Glasgow, the Diocese of Argyll and the Isles and the Diocese of Galloway. 502-635-5813, BURKE, REVEREND JOHN R.* is elliott avent married, texas foreign entity registration cost, jupiter power inverter 2000w manual,

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